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"Your SUPPLY CHAIN is the circulatory systerm of your modular factory"


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Replace fabrication on your assembly line with ready to install subassemblies — eliminate bottlenecks and increase throughput

Manufacture to Assemble

Modular assembly lines exist to join subassemblies into a master assembly. materialsDIRECT optimizes your supply chain of subassemblies to keep your line humming

Best Practice

Our means and methods coaching incorporates industry best practice and innovations to optimize your entire operation from sourcing to module storage

Startup Help

materialsDIRECT lowers the hurdles for new modular factories by eliminating the need to vertically integrate non-assembly fabrication tasks

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Convert your indoor construction operation into a bona fide manufacturing plant!

Improve KPIs on All Axis

Break the Iron Triangle

Reduce Cycle Time and shorten your schedule — Just-in-time (JIT) delivery eliminates stock-outs and keeps the line moving

Controlled and predictable materials cost from a single source will streamline your budget — JIT optimizes inventory levels to reduce holding cost

No more overruns or callbacks because materialsDIRECT shusts scope gaps and eliminates scope-creep — Quality-controlled subassemblies result in quality-controlled assemblies; your mods are as good as the parts that comprise them

…improve schedule, budget, and scope fidelity by:

360° Service

Comprehensive support to your offsite manufacturing enterprise

materialsDIRECT supplies the sub-assemblies that your factory will assemble into volumetric modules. We source materials, teach you to become a product integrator in a manufacture-to-assemble (MTA) model, help you to optimize your manufacturing operation, and optimize your supply chain by managing sub-component and sub-assembly flows onto your assembly line.
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